Utopia vs.

Commissioned by
Adnight + Isobar

Virtual Reality or Lost Reality?
Big data or Big nightmare?

ADNIGHT is the biggest open night for the creative industry in Amsterdam. For one night agencies open their doors all around the city to give an insight into their creative ‘kitchens’. A great way for agencies to show their skill set to potential clients, industry peers and talent. We were asked to organise ADNIGHT at Isobar Amsterdam.
Tech Utopias and future Dystopias are ever present in our culture. Since Isobar is all about digital transformation, we decided to let people explore both possibilities of the future. As we know, one person’s Utopia is another person’s Dystopia. Everyone who visited on ADNIGHT took part in defining what kind of future we want to see.

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The night

Martí Panés
© 2021