Pass it on

From a monobrow that’s been passed down 7 generations, to couples that dress the same. From owners that look like their dogs, to siblings that share the same laugh.

When we’re connected to someone, we pass on all kinds of weird and wonderful traits, genetic and otherwise. From likes and dislikes, to accents and tastes, these little things define who we are and connect us to one another.

This campaign celebrates the little things that define us, passed on to loved ones through the power of connection, and illustrates that with NN Life Insurance, you can pass on the most meaningful thing of all: the gift of financial security.

What have you passed on to the ones you love?

“I passed on my liver to my dad”

This campaign was shot in six different countries. With a small crew we asked real people on the streets, in couples, what they passed on to their loved one. What often started with a bit of nervous laughter in the beginning, often ended in a genuine and emotional conversation. Some couples even thanked us for the ‘therapeutic session’ we gave them.

““For the past 40 years I’ve given him the warmth of a family nest”

It was great to see that every country was so different in many ways; habits, body language, expressions, but the answers always came down to the same thing. The desire to pass on the things, values and traits that would ensure a good life for their loved ones.

“My mother taught me the importance of having good connections with people”


In collaboration with: Tahlia Calvisi & Chris Scott
Bas Verwoerd 

Max Maloney

NN group

Martí Panés
© 2020